Engaging Websites

We design and build graphically-rich and engaging websites that faithfully and interestingly reflect your company's brand, and seamlessly function on any device -- smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. All our websites are mobile and SEO friendly.

But what is the purpose of a website any way? Most decision makers would arguably agree that a website has these 10 main objectives, not necessarily in order of importance:

1) Cause a visitor to contact the company
2) Establish credibility
3) Create brand awareness
4) Engage target audiences by providing value
5) Generate leads through web forms
6) Sell services and products (Ecommerce)
7) Share information about the company or its industry
8) Enable visitors to share content via email, social media
9) Create excitement
10) Be the hub for a powerful digital marketing strategy

In addition to designing to fulfill the objectives listed above, Breakthrough SEO Marketing does what it can to make their clients’ websites authoritative and trusted venues that visitors rely on for helpful information.

Organic Traffic (Increase)
Bounce Rate (Decrease)
Average Visit Duration (Increase)
Pages Per Session (Increase)
Our websites comply with industry best practices, the top 10 of which are listed here:
  • Logo located in the top left.
  • Contact information located in the top.
  • Main navigation across the top.
  • Home page slideshow.
  • Value proposition high up on the home page.
  • A call to action located high up on the home page.
  • Search function located in the header.
  • Signup form located in the footer.
  • Social media icons linked to the respective platforms located in the footer.
  • Mobile responsive design.

Website Analysis

As is true with Six Sigma, a continuous improvement methodology, we understand and define the current situation as the baseline or "as is" scenario. We then define the "to be" and map series of steps to get from the current "as is" condition to the desired "to be" condition. A website analysis starts this journey to the desired online presence.

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