Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing Strategies

Connect with your audience with relevant, thoughtful, and helpful emails that they will appreciate. Show you care.
Targeted email marketing campaigns that address people's concerns open the door to developing meaningful relationships and followership. Timing, relevance, and word choice are key. Here are the top 10 benefits of email marketing:
  • Compared to other marketing techniques, email marketing requires less time, effort, and, possibly, cost.
  • Because of technology, emails can be sent within hours to a prepared mailing list and retain their timely impact.
  • Email messages can be personalized and be more readily received.
  • You can segment your mailing list by pain points, demographics, and other criteria so you can write your email and be laser focused on their respective hot buttons.
  • It is possible to send emails more frequently within shorter time intervals which helps to keep your company top of mind.
  • You can find out through sampling and testing what headlines, colors, topics, etc. work, so that you can learn and implement what your audience responds to.
  • Emails are easy to share with other people, enabling your audience to market for you.
  • The cost of emailing does not require additional overhead expenses.
  • With email marketing tools, it is easy to see who opened your emails and if they have accepted your offers.
  • Email marketing is paperless and environmentally responsible.

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